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-updated 3/28/19-

** Spring is upon us (finally!) and that occasionally means cleaning up after winter’s fury. The city of Portage curbside brush pickup will service our area on Monday, April 22nd. If you have any sticks/branches/trimmings that can be collected, please pile neatly on the curb of Lovers Lane beginning Friday 4/19. The collection crew does not enter the park itself, as we are considered private property.

** If you’re interested in signing up for our e-mail bulletin list, please fill out the comment card below and mention “E-News”. We would love to connect with our residents on a more frequent basis and share as much information as possible.

** Pet rules apply to cats just as they do dogs. Please do not let your cat out of the house to roam the park unattended—all pets must be leashed or accompanied closely while outdoors.

** The large dumpster near Joel's maintenance building is now available for residents to deposit overflow household garbage only. Anything larger than a standard kitchen (13 gal.) bag will need prior approval from Joel or Karen. Absolutely no TVs, furniture, mattresses, or other similarly large items.  Violators will incur a $150 fee for any abuse of this courtesy. 


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