Residents' Corner

Announcements & Reminders

-updated 7/27/19-

** Please remember to water your lawns a couple times per week when we go through stretches of dry weather

** With warm weather and later sunsets, we have lots of activity in the park now. Please SLOW DOWN and be aware of walkers, bicycles, and grandchildren.

** A friendly reminder that all pets — dogs OR cats — are not to be let of the house unattended. Furry friends must be leashed or accompanied closely while outdoors.

** If you’re interested in signing up for our e-mail bulletin list, please fill out the comment card below and mention “E-News”. We would love to connect with our residents on a more frequent basis and share as much information as possible.

** The large dumpster near Joel's maintenance building is now available for residents to deposit overflow household garbage only. Anything larger than a standard kitchen (13 gal.) bag will need prior approval from Joel or Karen. Absolutely no TVs, furniture, mattresses, or other similarly large items.  Violators will incur a $150 fee for any abuse of this courtesy. 



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