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Announcements & Reminders

-updated 2/21/18-

** We'd like to welcome our newest residents to the park!

  • Doug and Bonnie Lutes on Blue Brook Lane.
  • Bob and Pat Grove on Blue Brook Lane.
  • Ken and Aleta Hutchinson on Oak Brook Lane.


** Our friends Wally and Dorothy Stoepker have recently moved to Friendship Village.  If you'd like to keep in touch with them, please let us know.


** We will miss Julia Mucha of Oak Brook Lane, who recently passed away. 


** Two new homes (already sold) will be put into place on Blue Brook Ln. in the next few months. 


With winter now upon us, here are a few things to keep in mind:

- While walking is a great form of exercise, please take caution when strolling about the park in the winter. Joel plows and salts the roads as thoroughly as possible, but intersections and the approaches to the mailboxes can become icy with all the traffic. Don't forget to step gently and assess the ground you're walking on! 

- Street parking obstructs the plows, and can create potentially dangerous obstacles in slick driving conditions. Please remind your guests to use the Guest Parking areas throughout the park. 

- Joel clears the streets in a different pattern each time he plows, as we attempt to disperse the snow AND be as fair as possible. If you're one of the last plowed out this time around, you'll likely be one of the first next time. 

- Wintertime means tougher conditions for both drivers and pedestrians alike. Please TAKE YOUR TIME when navigating the park. 

- Garbage cans and recycling bins can become snow-covered obstructions when left out. Please move these containers back from the road 3+ feet to avoid collision with the plows.

Dates to Remember